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Wealth Management

Your money at the service of your well-being

Wealth management is a regulated activity. Our job is to respond to your heritage concerns. They are diverse, varied, and above all they are unique to you. Many of you may of course have the same ones, however the answers we will provide will certainly be different because they are adapted to your personal situation.

Namely: according to a study conducted by BNP PARIBAS and Kantar, CGPIs remain by far the best source of advice for 78% of clients! (1)



Here are some examples of the concerns we encounter most often



Having money aside is always useful to meet an immediate one-off need as well as a long-term vision. There are various ways to save gradually, depending on your financial capabilities and the level of risk you can bear. Whether your investment profile is from the safest to the riskiest, we adapt to it and our regulated status of CIF (Courtage en Investissement Financier) and that of Insurance Broker (COA) allow us to support you on the different classes of financial assets, of course integrating the optimization of related taxation.



This is one of the major concerns of the French. The pay-as-you-go pension system seems to be showing its limits. The PACTE law (Action Plan for the Growth and Transformation of Businesses) adopted by the government in April 2019 completes many already well-established measures. It is up to us, together, after study, to find those that suit you best.



According to Law No. 89-1009 of December 31, 1989, known as the EVIN Law, provident insurance includes "operations aimed at preventing and covering the risk of death, risks affecting the physical integrity of the person or related to maternity, the risk of incapacity for work or invalidity or the risk of unemployment".

"What would happen if something happened to me?" This question we all ask ourselves. The studies of the children, the preservation of the family lifestyle could be affected in the event of accident, illness or death. This is not an anxiety-provoking question, quite the contrary. It is a question of anticipating, in order to foresee the consequences of an unexpected situation in advance and to be able to respond to them.

After a detailed analysis, and the establishment of a personalized risk map, we may be required to offer you a choice among the contracts of our partners in order to guarantee the social risks linked to the person in the event of work stoppage.



In France, real estate is the base of a well-balanced heritage. Many households attach great importance to the acquisition of their main residence.

On the other hand, when we approach rental real estate, the plurality of systems (New, Old, Pinel, Non-Professional Furnished Rental, Historic Monuments, Malraux, Girardin, Bare ownership) and associated taxation (land income, industrial profits and commercial, tax reduction, depreciation, etc. considerably complicates the reflection. We support you in choosing together the device and/or the property best suited to your needs thanks to our network of partners and real estate developers among the most renowned.

Condorcet Finance et Patrimoine is the holder of the real estate transaction card number CPI 7501 2020 000 044 250



As the saying goes, a successful succession is a prepared succession.

The Civil Code allows us to carry out a certain number of acts such as donations, dismemberments of assets, or even the choice of an appropriate asset regime. All have an impact on your wealth. The advantages as well as the limits should be assessed before any implementation.

But also the optimization of the remuneration of the entrepreneur, the reduction of taxation, employee savings in the company...

(1)source: 12th edition of the market barometer for CGPIs and their clients - 09/14/2018 - Kantar TNS/BNP PARIBAS CARDIF

Sourire femme d'affaires

Nous vous accompagnons selon vos préférences sous forme de family-office, nous structurons et gérons alors en toute indépendance l'ensemble de vos actifs financiers et professionnels, ou alors sous forme de  conseil en gestion.

Vous décidez de notre périmètre d'intervention.

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